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    Turbo's complete in-house setup for tool manufacturing enables us to spontaneously answer new product developments, fulfill engineering changes during running project and cater small & large production volumes effectively.

    A 15000 sq feet area is dedicated to tool manufacturing. This operation compliments significant tooling capabilities within our production plants & allows us to complete even complex tooling in as little as 4 weeks from design start & often even faster. 

    Our multi-facility, team-oriented approach to tool design and build provides exceptional levels of control and flexibility. We have the capacity to work efficiently on concurrent projects, as well as to deploy combined manpower for quick turnaround jobs.

    Like our production plants, Turbo's tooling facility is ISO/TS 16949 certified, ensuring consistency at all points in the tooling process. And the similarity to our production environment doesn't end there. Our ability to trial run tools to full rate right in the tooling facility ensures that production is not disrupted for tool debugging.


    Total Tooling Responsibility

    Through our in-house tool design and build, we ensure that all process remain consistent to international quality standards and is documented for repeatability down the road. This means that when a tool is rebuilt or replaced to support additional production runs and reruns, it will be made precisely to original specifications.

    "Design for manufacturability" takes on a broader meaning for us than it might for companies that contract out their tooling. We design tools to be built with the most efficient use of time and material. The result is cost control throughout the process.

    Investing for Today & the future

    Turbo's investment in tooling operations is substantial and we believe it's essential to serve our customers. We are equipped with advanced CNC machining capability, wire EDM, automated grinding, heat treating equipment. Plus, we're continually evaluating ways that technology can be applied to do our jobs even better. Most of all we invest in people - hiring tool engineers and builders with broad experience, providing ongoing training, then empowering our employees to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Engineering support coupled with Tool design makes Turbo a preferable choice of Worldwide Customers.