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    1 Nos. Continuous Hardening and Tempering Line.

    3 Nos. Gas Carburizing / Nitriding Batch Type Hardening and Tempering Furnaces.

    1 Nos. Drop Quench Furnace for Aluminum.

    2 Nos. Bell Type Furnaces for Normalizing / Annealing.

    1 Nos. Induction Hardening : 100 KW/30 KHz Dual Spindle 600mm Vertical Scanner

    1 Nos. Continuous (Gas Fired) Normalizing and Quenching Furnace (Capacity 1.0 Ton/hr)

    Surface Finishes:

    In house facility for Hot Dip Galvanizing , Painting,

    Electro Galvanizing, zinc Nickel Alloy Plating, Mechanical Zinc Plating and Powder Coating