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    Quality drives the company towards more sophisticated and result oriented techniques and procedures. It is committed to infuse value additions at every manufacturing step thereby resulting in the finest end product.Quality is the backbone of Turbo. An exemplary testing setup and capabilities to conduct checks at all production stages makes us a leading forging company.

    It has setup a high-tech laboratory for conducting various chemical, mechanical and metallurgical tests as per the control plan and has equipments like Vacuum Emission Spectrometer; Metallurgical image analyzer; Universal testing equipments; Sand testing lab; Hardness Testing m/c; Impact testing m/c etc. Turbo is one of the few companies in its domain to have installed equipments like Magnetic crack Detectors and X-ray inspection systems resulting in outstanding product quality.

    Besides this, a state-of-the-art standard room with equipments like 3D CMM machines and other calibration equipments enables in flawless product quality.


    There are different testing modules conducted like: Metallurgical Testing for both Micro and Macro testing is conducted. Secondly, the Dimensional Inspection for Depth profile, Contour measuring and Surface Roughness is carried out. The other following tests conducted are Mechanical testing for Hardness, Tensile, Yield, Torque, Wedge testing and more. Lastly the Endurance testing is carried out for Salt Spray, Coating thickness tests and more. These tests ensure that the end products exceed customer satisfaction.

    Turbo Testing setup is equipped with:

    • X-Ray 450 KV - Yxlon, Germany
    • CNC CMM - Carl Zeiss, USA
    • Contour Measuring M/C - Mitutoyo, Japan
    • Spectrometer - Spectro A.I. GmbH & Co., Germany
    • 3D Blueline Scanner (FARO)
    • XRF Machine –XDLM 237 Fischer, Germany
    • Other equipments - Micro Structure Analyzer, Micro Hardness Tester, Hardness Tester, Profile Projector, Roughness Tester, Microscope for Penetration, Impact Testing Equipment, UTE, Sand Testing Laboratory & Sub-Zero Testing Chamber (-80°C)


    Raw Material Testing Lab:

    Raw material inspection is carried out as per Control Plan. Tests are conducted on high end apparatus and equipments including Vacuum Emission Spectrometer; Metallurgical microscope; UTE; Sand testing lab; Hardness Testing machines and Impact testing machines.