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    Manufacturer of High Quality hot forging parts in India 

    Turbo Group is the renowned hot forging company in India. We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Steel forgings, Stainless Steel forgings & Aluminum forgings in Northern India.  

    We have in-house facility of Die design & development, CNC Machining, Inspection & Testing, and Continuous Heat Treatment facility ensures fast delivery of your part and also making us a one-stop source for all your forging needs.

    Raw Material Sourcing:

    Material is procured from reputable approved Steel Mills in form of BARS/Flats in various sizes as per the requirement of the final product. Every care is taken to protect the raw material against corrosion, degrading and other harmful processes. Incoming steel is fully tested for surface at metallurgical and mechanical labs which include BHN Hardness Testers and Tensile Testing Machine. Color coding is done on each and every bar as per established color codes and material is passed to the cutting department. Cutting of the material is done with Heavy Presses, Bandsaw machine.

    Design & Engineering:

    • State-of-the-art CAD/ CAM infrastructure for 3D modeling, NC tool path generation to accelerate response time in developing new parts.
    • Metal flow simulation software DEFORM F3-6.1 for virtual manufacturing for design optimization and process validation to develop new parts right the first time.
    • High-end CAM software, like UG-NX6 for generating NC tool paths for high-speed die cutting, to reduce turnaround time in die manufacturing.
    • The forging parts are validated on CNC CMM of Carl Zeiss.



        Tool & Die Manufacturing:

        We have a state of the art in house Die manufacturing facility comprising of 6 Nos. of CNC milling machines from renowned company DMG-Moriseiki, ACE, BFW, LMW. This facility also includes high precision EDM.

        Forging facility:

        The forge shop is equipped with:

        • 2 Nos - 63KJ CNC Hydraulic Hammers
        •  1 Nos - 40KJ CNC Hydraulic Hammer
        •  1 Nos - Screw Forging Press 1000T (CNC Controlled)
        •  2 Nos - Screw Forging Press 630T (CNC Controlled)
        •  1 Nos - Screw Forging Press 300T (CNC Controlled)
        • 1 Nos - Ring Rolling Machine 80-250mm (CNC Controlled)
        • 2 Nos - 1.5T Belt Drop Hammers
        •  4Nos - 1.0T Belt Drop Hammers
        •  1 Nos - 300T Friction Screw Press
        •  1 Nos - 100T Friction Screw Press

        Simulation Softwares are used for Forging Die design
        to maintain right grain flow structure.
        Forging Weight Range 10gm - 20kg

        Quality Control:

        Forgings are subjected to strict quality control checks throughout the entire forging cycle to meet specific requirements. Raw material selection, die development, cutting and forging processes are carried out in pre-specified fashion. Samples are checked for dimensional accuracy, metallurgical soundness, and mechanical specifications.

        Heat Treatment facility:

        Our in-house Heat Treat Capabilities enhance the total control over the manufacture of quality forgings. Facilities for Annealing, Normalizing, Case Carburizing add to our capabilities to control mechanical properties of the end product. The Finishing Shop has Shot Blasting Machines, Coining Presses, Power Presses, Multi-station drill machines and Magnetic Particle Inspection facilities.