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    Today, the world has transformed to a global business village. Market continuously throws numerous opportunities for those manufacturers who have the requisite infrastructure and capabilities to offer high quality products. Spearheading with this concept, Turbo Group has committed itself to manufacture and deliver finest components for an array of engineering sectors.

    Turbo Group holds diverse business interests and has evolved as a flourishing business conglomerate. It has achieved highest degree of success as manufacturer and supplier of Automotive Components to OEM's Scaffolding and Formwork systems and its accessories, Forgings, Fasteners, Cold Forged Components and CNC Machined Components. With its growing stature, the Group continuously strives to improve its product range and undertake technology up-gradation.

    Going Turbo style, it has setup companies dedicated towards specialized product development and service extensions of the same. This includes export and import arms in France and Australia and upcoming trading offices Canada as well as in China. This diversification will further strengthen the Group's service, delivery and support network, and enable it to engrave its presence in the global markets.

    Operating as independent trading units and service concerns, these group companies carry the same philosophy of Turbo in all their operations - ensuring customer satisfaction.