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    Producers of Aluminum Gravity Die Casting in Ludhiana

    Turbo is a known manufacturer & exporter of high-quality Aluminum gravity die casting and Zinc die casting components across India. All our casting products are manufactured according to international quality and safety standards, using best grade raw materials. Gravity Die Casting is one of the best processes for fully mechanized castings; producing smooth, well spaced and precise parts.

    Our Gravity Die Casting setup has following features:
    • GDC machine with a 90 degree Tilt able system.
    • GDC machine Non Tilt able system. Table Size: 600mm x 600mm - 5 Nos.
    • Table size: 500mm x 750mm - 3 Nos.
    • Table Size: 1200mm x 1200mm
    • 200kg Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnace - 3 Nos.
    • 300kg Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnace - 2 Nos.
    • We can Cast & Heat Treat all the available grades according to International Standards.
    • Presently we are casting LM4, LM6, LM9 AISi10, AISi12, AISi10Mg