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    Turbo has proven capabilities in ferrous castings i.e. Spheroidal Graphite Iron, Grey Iron, Alloy Steels and Mild Steel grades, with the capacity of 3000 TPA. The foundry division is equipped with 2 nos. of Inductotherm make coreless induction furnaces with treatment ladles and 2 nos. of DISA molding lines.




    Inductotherm make 450 KW/0.5T medium frequency Coreless Induction furnaces. Melt rate is 500 kgs/hour. Sandwich Ladle treatment.


    Molding lines ARPA 450. Molding Box size - 650 x 550 x (200+200). Casting Weight Range - 0.05 kgs - 40 kgs. Production rate - 72 molds/hour.

    Sand Plant

    Automatic Sand Plant with Disa Mixer TM-160, capacity 30T/ hour supported by Online Sand Cooler.

    Core Manufacturing & Shell Molding

    08 nos. of Core Shooting Machines. 02 nos. of Shell Mold Manufacturing Lines (Vertically parted).