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    Finest manufacturing practices apart, Turbo is known as a true green company. It is committed towards the welfare and protection of the environment by adopting eco friendly manufacturing processes. Minimal wastage of resources and recycling of effluent water is also undertaken. The Group also takes on regular tree plantation activities in surrounding areas and has a developed a sprawling green area near the factory surroundings.

    • In-house set up of Effluent Treatment plant (ETP); Sewerage Treatment plant (STP)
    • In-house set up of Acid Recovery Plant
    • In-house set up of Cooling Towers to treating Polluting air coming out of hot dip Galvanizing plant
    • Acid fumes scrubber tank is being used to treat Acid fumes coming out of Electroplating plant
    • Tree plantation has been done at many locations of the factory for environment betterment
    • All the generators are equipped with Canopies to prevent Noise Pollution

    Turbo has acquired the following licenses/ approvals from concerned Govt. bodies for HSE measures:

    • License for Compliance to safety norms as per license from Petroleum & Explosives safety Organization (PESO) of Govt. of India
    • Certificate for Compliance to Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) act, 1974
    • Certificate for Compliance to Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) act, 1981
    • Authorization license from Punjab Pollution Control Board for operating a facility for storage of Hazardous waste/ chemicals